D’banj Releases New Single “TOP OF THE WORLD”; Announces “Sony Music Africa” Record Deal

Post by Demola OG, December 12th, 2012

Global recording company Sony Music Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of Nigerian megastar D’Banj to its RCA Africa label. The breakthrough deal also includes a multi-album, worldwide exclusive contract with emerging Nigerian singer-songwriter star Kayswitch and a strategic partnership with D’Banj’s Nigerian record label DB Records, who’s catalog includes artists and producers such as J.Sol, Jay Sleek and DeeVee. Sony Music’s RCA Records label hosts a family of global superstar artists and a catalog of music, which includes some of the most important recordings in history. The signing landmarks a historic moment, which sees Africa’s number one superstar artist D’Banj join Africa’s number one music and entertainment company Sony Music.

TOP OF THE WORLD” is the first single to be released through Sony Music’s RCA Africa label and DB Records Nigeria since D’Banj signed his groundbreaking multi-album deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

“TOP OF THE WORLD” is already impacting Pan Africa on DStv as the official SuperSport anthem for the Africa Cup of Nations 2013 (AFCON) in South Africa and is a first taste of what’s to come from D’Banj’s partnership with Sony Music Africa leading up to several scheduled releases dropping in the weeks and months to come including D’Banj’s new album DKM scheduled for release early in the new year.

D¹Banj is signed to a Pan African multi-album deal with Sony Music¹s RCA Records. He has also concluded an exclusive management deal with Sony Music and strategic partner ROCKSTAR4000 for the continent.

D’Banj – Top Of The World



“Partnering with D’Banj is a seminal event for us at Sony Music Entertainment Africa. We’ve always admired his talent and to be able to assist with bringing D’Banj’s music to millions of fans, established and new, across the continent is an honour for us. There are still so many to whom an artist like D’Banj has so much to offer that we can see a brand new era emanating from this phase in his career. We are very excited about being a part of it. ” Says Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Sean Watson.

“Partnering with the leading music company in Africa is a natural fit for me and DB Records to ensure my music can be available to my fans across every corner of Africa and in countries where they’ve never been able to access my music in a legitimate way, instantly as its released anywhere else in the world. It’s a new era for Africa, the birthplace of music and I’m excited about this very powerful partnership with Sony Music through which we will give birth together to a new era with endless opportunities for my fans, producers, artists and the start of a new time for a revolution in music from Africa. Nothing is impossible!” says D’Banj

D’Banj (born Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo) signed to a Pan African multi-album deal with Sony Music’s RCA Records. He has also concluded an exclusive management deal with Sony Music and strategic partner ROCKSTAR4000 for the continent. Under the deal D’Banj will join Sony Music’s Pan African RCA Label in the family of such superstar artists as Usher, Chris Brown, R Kelly, Alicia Keys, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha, T-Pain and Miguel.

“We are really excited to be partnering up with DBanj and his DB Records label. DBanj is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in Africa who continues to deliver world-class hits. What we’ve seen from DB Records so far is an energetic mix of hot new sounds and great new artists like Kayswitch, who we believe will impact right across Africa. The recent launch of iTunes in Africa means that Nigerian fans and those elsewhere on the continent will now readily be able to access this amazing music as soon as it comes to market.” Noted Spiro Damaskinos, Director of RCA Records Africa

“Since the first time I met the incredible talent that is D’Banj in Lagos a few years ago, headlining the first of many shows we did together, I knew he was destined for musical greatness. Indeed D’Banj went on to smash all expectations around the world. He has always flown the Nigerian and African flag higher and higher and broken down the barriers for many of Africa’s great talent to follow through. We are thrilled to now have D’Banj in the family with Sony Music and RCA Records and to represent him across the African continent. Together we can take his amazing music and talent to even greater heights and new audiences, as well as launch emerging new stars such as Kayswitch through this landmark partnership” says Jandre Louw, FOUNDER and CEO of ROCKSTAR4000

DBANJ (a stage name that is a combination of the first letter of his first name and part of his last name) is an extremely talented Nigerian-born, singer-songwriter-musician who has become an International Superstar blending sounds from AfroBeats, AfroPop and AfroFusion music genres. D’Banj literally broke contemporary sounds and music from Africa onto the mainstream Global stage recently with his smash-hit ‘Oliver Twist’. ‘Oliver Twist’ has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide to date. The single debuted at number 9 on the UK National charts just behind the likes of Rihanna and Tulisa.

D’BANJ’s musical mentor and influence is the late Afrobeat Maestro – the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti and like him, he performs in Yoruba, English and Pidgin English.

As an energetic, crowd-pleasing live entertainer, D’BANJ has performed alongside many international artists on stages all over the world from the 1st Edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards to the ‘Koko Concert‘ LIVE in London at the O2 Arena amongst others.

As a recording artist and performer D’BANJ has won a whole host of awards including Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009, BET Awards of 2011 for Best International Act, Best African Act – (MOBO Awards 2012), Most Gifted Male Video of the Year (Channel O 2012 MVA’s).

D’Banj has also established himself as a television celebrity on Nigerian TV’s “Koko Mansion”.

In 2011 Kanye West penned a deal with D’banj onto his G.O.O.D. Music label in the USA. D’Banj also signed with Mercury in the UK.  Over the course of his career D’BANJ has worked with Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Jay Z, Kid Cudi, LA Reid, Tinie Tempah and Rio Ferdinand. A humanitarian at heart, D’BANJ is the founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development. He is also Nigeria’s first United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace.

“The Sony Music / D’Banj strategic partnership is the key catalyst to change the business and face of Music across Africa, especially in the key areas of quality, distribution and content management”, says the Chidi Okeke, Managing Director of MComm, leading West African music Distribution Company and strategic partner to Sony in the region. “This deal represents a major breakthrough in achieving our vision of delivering quality music across the continent on diverse platforms. The immediate benefits include the improvement in the distribution value chain, quality control and direct economic benefits to individual parties and the continent at large. We are positioned to create the necessary support platforms and initiatives to drive this partnership to the maximum, and the long-term plan is to fully penetrate the significantly untapped African market for music and content in general” he added.

D’Banj’s passionate drive, coupled to his talent and creativity, regularly delivers appealing music productions and entertaining live performances ensuring his continuous relevance in the music market.  He remains one of the most celebrated superstars from Nigeria and the African continent to break into the international music scene.


“I’m incredibly blessed and energized being part of this powerful family and of the endless opportunities this will provide to my music. Being part of the Sony Music family has now increased my family ten fold and I can now focus on my music and my fans and taking it to a whole new level and to all corners of not only Africa but across the planet!” noted KaySwitch

KaySwitch ‘D Produkt’ (Born as Kehinde Oladotun Oyebanjo), began his journey into music in secondary school, where he used to rap with his friends for fun. Rapping gradually became a part of him and later singing and songwriting. Influenced by iconic stars such as Sizzla Kalonji, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Youssou N’dour, his greatest musical influence was his older brother, D’Banj, who played a major role in KaySwitch’s love and passion for music and entertainment. KaySwitch ‘D Produkt’ spent a lot of time with his brother D’Banj and gradually developed his own musical style and direction, but it was not until his first encounter with the mic in 2005 while recording a track with his friend Dr. Frabz in the studio that he decided to take up music professionally.

His past affiliation with Mohits Records, formed by his older brother, D’Banj and Don Jazzy,  gave him the time to develop his skills in the studio, and become a highly skilled recording and performing artist. From the US to the UK, India, Asia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Dubai and many more countries around the world, KaySwitch ‘D Produkt’ has toured with his brother D’Banj and also performed at major shows such as the This Day Show, Star Mega Jam, Koko concert and the Calabar festival.

His music is a reflection of his calm and urban style as well as his eccentricity. KaySwitch believes in being the best in whatever he does in life and looking outside the box by creating something unexpected and different. He lives by the saying “send on” which he interprets as “bringing on blessing and good things to come”. KaySwitch ‘D Produkt’ is most definitely a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

The signing of D’banj and KaySwitch is part of Sony Music Entertainment Africa’s belief that Africa is an important & exciting music development frontier. The company has set its sights on becoming the primary partner of the best Africa has to offer and has confidence that through such partnerships, African musicians can achieve new Pan African and Global success.



ROCKSTAR4000 MEDIA & PRESSmedia@rockstar4000.com



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414 Responses to “D’banj Releases New Single “TOP OF THE WORLD”; Announces “Sony Music Africa” Record Deal”

  1. jahimali says:

    Awwwww i love dis song,dbanj we love you from Angola pls come down here,wish we own you in angola thank you africa loves you..allah bless you.

  2. oaa148 says:

    Contract after contract. This guy is the ultimate businessman. Very efficient in selling himself and he has the stats to back him up. At this point, as has cemented himself as one of Africa's greatest ever artistes. He's a legend and now he is proving he can make it without his former partner. You can't deny, he has paid his dues.

  3. Mr. Cap says:

    D'Banj! Honestly Speaking I use To Hate you since you Split from Mo'hit but this Particular Track Proves To me That You're True Superstar and I'm now your Number 1 Fan.

    In-fact You're the Best.. OShhhheeeeeee!!

  4. WAle says:

    Imagine, yesterday song dedicated for the Nations cup by Dstv, This is a classic song that will rule and make waves all over the world. The best song for 2013. D'banj Top Of the World will rock Africa and World.

  5. wateva says:

    not a bad song! but because d'banj is not a singer, he should have put someone like Waje to sing the chorus

  6. MNC_Critic says:

    comments praising d'banj are getting thumbs up, well that's not my bidnes….d track is a nice song, carries a message, shows d koko master's versatility, etc….but it's rather 'safe', easy to play on a guitar, but it won't be beans to voice d song live. I guess the kokomaster will have to assemble a choir to help perform this song live.

    congrats to d'banj on yet another signing…i guess he's done more 'Signings' than 'Singings' this year.

  7. F.A.M.E says:

    Can someone please write the lyrics of this song… I am ontop of the world………..0ooooo baby.. smiles

  8. helping says:

    U sounding like a wife whose husband is taking another wife and u r at the wedding.

    U remind of d prince(and dr sid) whose album was rated a 3/10 and he started insinuating that the reporter was probably paid…..my question to u and them is…paid by whom? U must think some pple are jobless, they r putting in work hence they are getting more n more in ur face with laurels why u guys are finding it difficult to take over the local league u claim u love want to play in.

    U have come here and made nasty comments about dbanj in d past and now he is flawing all u have said instead of coming out to apologise and recognise him u r deciding to keep quiet. I remember ur comments when oyator was released, i remember ur lil' jab when tony montana was released and also all ur comments after d breakup- please this is end of year, take stock and lets c. I pity u types. U have no place around here hommie this is not biafra…take ur bag n go if u cant stand d heat cos d tempo is about to be raised further

  9. lobzy says:

    What i like about the dbanj/ mohits saga is that we only hear from Dbanj on the progress path. But wait Dbanj's top of the world track is the theme song for African Nations Cup 2013, Don Jazzy is producing the beats of Nigerian song for the for the Nations cup, well news for another day i guess

  10. Emeka Okafor says:


  11. Emeka Okafor says:


  12. wen did dbanj suddenly akin.money Don come d track is goddamn nice.

  13. wen did dbanj suddenly akin.money Don come d track is goddamn nice.

  14. wen did dbanj suddenly akin.money Don come d track is goddamn nice.

  15. Don Y says:

    Yeah,D'banj is on point,sounding more internationally keep it up.

  16. kayPrince says:

    singed to GoodMusic, Def Jam, Mercury, SonyMusic, RCA + DB Records in one year; that's six labels and only three singles out! ha! i don't know how you people equal success! signing to record label is different from footballers signing to clubs, unlike footballers on weekly wages, an artiste eats when he music is selling and if you don't turn up the capital invested in you through your music, then you hit the road, tour your life and the labels get their money first! Wale was signed to interscope, wetin happen? shebi no me same label wizkid and skales dey? wizkid dey buy bmw and benz while skales dey buy caps and hightops! D'banj give us music that we love you for! with one label alone "mohits" you gave us "No Long Thing, RunDown Funk U Up, The Entertainer and many singles from never to be released Mr Endowed album. if these lables dey slow you down, keep putting out material through your own label na, as we dey wait new acts dey feed us new jamz oo! abeg don't dull!
    i'm happy for likes of wande coal and d'prince at least they get to eat good now that chain of command has reduced in their camp. wande no fit shout ma sef, he go shock that industry soon come 2013, d'prince has stepped up his game. dr sid can go master his craft or stay bitching about how dbanj slowed him down, meanwhile dbanj is somewhere else making positive headlines. and for those who think don jazzy is losing; does it look like a man who gave away 1.75M from his deal with samsung has anything regrets? a producer that signs producers to his labels, does it look like is scared? a producer that gave his production award to another producer? No, it seems like the competition is not fierce enough for him, so he's wanting new talents to come and turn up the heat in order for him to set a new pace. there was many producers before he came on board, but his sound changed the game and his up for big footing! and for those people saying "the claim don is now ambassador for common loyamilk, well money doesn't speak how he is earned as long as his needs are met. so you rather take 10m to be blackberry ambassador than 50m to be maggi ambassador? The only Thing Better Than Money is MORE MONEY!!!"

    • Kayjagga says:

      U get time o…who exactly are u trying to convince? This submission looks stupid to me and you are not making sense at all. If you don't understand his strategy ask questions so you can be educated. It baffles me that you sat down and wrote this long epistle just to knock D Banj's hustle. I don't know what you do, but whatever it is I can bet you are not a success.

      • kayprince says:

        Kayjagga, let me make it simple for you, don't bet, don't try to imagine; let's reveal our true identities and compare banking statement and balance; business ownership, assets to see who is the man?!? let's see who's putting his brain to most use where usefulness is required and who's most successful? people just sit behind the computer and talk trash. you think you can see people by what they write on here? or what they do here is what they do in real life?

        i'm gonna put 1M cash, if you are more successful than me, you have my 1M and if not you give me 1M. are you up for it boy? let notjustok and its community be our witness! i think its time to get real not just talks. please, accept my challange!

      • Girls want me says:

        kayprince, Wagbayi…You get mouth like that…I feel u

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        money talks bullshit works. omo i feel dis guy scatter…see as e yarn all man lean back. am dying for some outcomes on this one#heroshit

      • femi says:

        So basically you are insuating that you are probally richer that everyone on njo…lmao…rich people dont shout..And that mumu lastma guy dey sing praise….then no born ur papa make you reveal your identity..thats gives you away as a broke bitch already. Too many people with low IQ on here ..damn! ta ni o fe fi owo shakara fun..mumu oshi…

      • kayprince says:

        mr high IQ i never said i'm richer than anybody, and let me rephrase "if you think you're doing more than me successfully, then let's put it out for the world to see". no be shout i dey shout but i dey beg for action. if 1M is too small for you, then make me an offer i can't refuse and whatever the figure is, NJO get's 20% of it from whomever wins the bet! its business win-win for all! so let's see if you're reallying using your high IQ to make money in real life or to analyze comment on here

      • femi says:

        bloody retard if you can just bloody assume that you are more successful than someone you dont even know says a lot about the 'empty barrel' in you jor…koshi jor….am done with you . It will amount to stooping low to continue having a conversation which you. broke ass motherfucker. agba ofifo…i bet your dad is fashola and thats what you tell all the girls you meet. we know your type.

      • koko says:

        Femi ti salo :)

      • O-P-6IX says:

        Guy shut Up,wat do you know or mean by asset u get 5million asset u come here dey pround i guess its does peeps below u dat will be feeling all dis!or u feel peeps here are hungry or broke 2?guy wise abeg dat ur 1million na money man take dey close table for oniru beach so stop making it sound like its a big deal am a lagos big boy well know! i am a lover of music dats why am here to listen and comment so keep dat ur bank statement to ur self!Were ur own stop bros na im others own for start..thank u!

      • biko says:

        Opa , if that's really u…shut the hell up..which lagos big boy! which money u get…Na old glory u dey use!!!!!!! which money u get wey u no fit help you family…no let us burst this thing open for notjustok o….If u know say hin sure for you! I challenge you to a 3M 9ja = 60k Riggint bet! Show your account balance both 9ja and Malaysia!!!! If u get money pass me as at right now…YOU WIN!!! AND I'M NOT EVEN POPULAR!!!! But i know say u be bastard,U fit go borrow money put for account…Olofo jati jati….No dey come here come dey do like hulk o…Make dem no dey gass u up…

      • kayprince says:

        mr woman O-P-6IX, go mek woman marry u. but when you man up enough, step up the heat for me! you can go borrow money oo, i no send u! oga eme gi voom na-anya my broda! i dey tel u, if u broke be quiet, go learn and make something out of life simple! don't be hating!

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        c'mon haba Mr. Femi why you go involve me for matter in such a condescending way? I only appreciated the way Kayprince took the bull by the horn. Nothing more nothing less. I offer peace as a scholar and gentleman…btw you guys have something interesting going on here see wetin Dbanj don cause…lol

      • yvonne says:

        i never post comments here. but i'm gonna have to do this. people that are successful dont have to blow their own trumpet, others do it for them. so i dont get how dropping comments on a song should drag in your success. i bet you dont have the money you boast of here. you simply sound like someone who has just being brought out of the village with borrowed money. if you are really a "success" as you claim, i would want to believe you would have better things doing than writing essays on here.

      • koko says:

        ''people that are successful dont have to blow their own trumpet''

        All these 1932 proverbs, I no dey wan hear am whalai….yvonne stfup pls! Boys dey para…leave dem!!!! @kayprince, I know as e dey do you…U dey hot abi…U get mouth! Oya make una bet…

      • femi says:

        You can easily judge someones intelligence, financial security, ability and attitude with the things they say. by the way, kudos to your level of reasoning.

      • koko dbanj says:

        ''You can easily judge someones intelligence, financial security, ability and attitude with the things they say''

        You mean the things they type on notjustok? bruva, stop thinking too hard…You don't know sh!t,Poopoo u don't know….You can't judge NADA from what people type! stop trying to act different or special here! stop thinking too much…And what makes u think people on here are not dumbin down what they type so that dumb fucks like you could relate? Mr man…You disgust me….

      • kayprince says:

        baby girl, when d'banj said "i make 10M in a week are you with me?" it was him blowing his own trumpet. when don jazzy said he's a multi millionaire, it was from his mouth not press people, jude okoye showing 70k dollar on camera is his hard working! so if you broke back the fuck back! don jazzy is successful which all can tell and he does have "better things" to do but he also writes short essays on twitter. i can afford to while away time on here because my it doesn't affect nor slow down my earnings in real time in real world! and yes success is not meant for celebrities alone, if you work hard, you play harder! or you're here to defend one of your broke boyfriends? i be village boy, so you city magnet, could you turn up the heat for me? 16 days till 2012 is over, how much have you made this year?

      • kayjagga says:

        Kayprince is so vain. Money is good and but not the most important. What counts is ur character and what you've got upstairs. Your thoughts about money shows how shallow minded you are. I maintain that with your kind of thought on D Banj and money you can't be a success. Prove me right again!!

      • towncrya says:

        That long "epistle" actually makes sense. He wasn't even trying to knock D'banj's hustle.

    • AREA FADA says:

      Stop couning other peoples Money for them!

    • femi says:

      Why would i feel this song is even Dbanjs best sef and this stupid people go dey misyan…

    • femi says:

      na wa o why una no post my comment ……….is this how fake and partial njo is??? abi na una dey write those useless comments?

    • femi says:

      see this retard saying he wants to reveal his identity and bet a million if hes not richer…rich people dont even shout..i can bet u r a broke motherrfucker chest beating fool.

    • jidecole says:

      As much as i support your message Mr Kayprince… I have only 1 msg to ask you without being bias pls? I'm a jazzy nd dbanj fan nd i wish them success as i wish myself and all njo readers.

      thank you so much nd i hope you reply

      • kayprince says:

        my brother i no dey praise no one, all praises and glory goes to no one but God! D'banj has been giving us music but since deals and signing we been getting nothing! that is my point! we don't even hear of koko bran anymore, no koko dis no koko dat! mohits had acts unda dem, so why not blow up DB records first then you have more power to negotiate with other music houses!

    • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

      Mr. kayprince just in case you guys seriously do go ahead with the "crazy bet" which is what its termed in the gaming and leisure industry, contact me for professional facilitator services… which include a vetted Independent adjudicator with competent legal authority, watertight contract/MOU. secure escrow account(offshore if required) and a surety on the deal. I also suggest that you up the wagers to 2M each to offset the 29% admin cost.

      • kayprince says:

        my brother ignore anyone trying to rub you into anything! i'm the one who made comment and statements. so if what i said doesn't sit down well with anyone, step up the heat for me! i appreciate your service offerings, but with this i will like the people of NJO to handle it and document it if someone does accept the bet. i have my reasons. more blessings!

      • theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

        Ite Ego…nothing mega bro i get thick skin and i concur with you…more blessing to you too. Increase the peace!!!

    • gbagbe! says:

      guy! u so dumb.. what exactly is your point? so basically u wana place a bet just to see who makes more money than u?.smh empty barrrel makes the loudest noise. i bet ur fool dont have shit…real niggas dont shout. fools like u make noise.

      • helping says:

        Mr kayprince God save ur papa say i took a break bf u started all dis ur ranting i 4finish u…..look @dis criminal o!idiot calling robbing others being hardwork we know ur type andy uba thingz its just a matter of time…..my money str8 and i put u to d 1milla challenge and i swear if all ur miney are traceable as legitimate i pay an extra milla.. Lastmakilla be d judge….hit me up

    • @Tapiya says:

      when are all this people begin to face reality ? has Dbanj won any accolade with a job he created after parting ways with Don Jazzy ? lets face it, all the awards and the name calling were a bye product of Don Jazzy, until Dbanj does a song that sells more than Oliver twist then he should just continue to stay under the shadows….Don Jazzy is the man and thats simple until its proven otherwise. I rest my case.

  17. Oluwaphemy says:

    This is simply amazing… Keep it up bro…

  18. have listened to this song over a hundred times…………..dbanj is the best.

  19. have listened to this song over a hundred times…………..dbanj is the best.

  20. KBuNDERSCORE says:

    Beat sounds good, but my dude cannot sing. Idk maybe it's just the accent, or they are tryn to get him out of his comfort zone. You know once you're under a label, you are controlled by it. They decide what is being put out. Sooner than later all you'll be hearing in D's song will be English, not Yoruba!!!

  21. @ChimmyKid says:

    This song is good but it sounds like an Akon (Don't Matter) track mixed with some Adele (Someone Like You). There is something fishy about this song. It's not original. When listening to the song, Akon's Don't Matter keeps playing in my head. Sorry folks… You will not be singing this…

    • Magic says:

      is there any pop-rock song out there that doesnt sound alike? gaan sing ya own lets see if u will sing wat nobody has eva sing!

  22. kayprince says:

    to everyone posting comment on notjustok and talking rubbish about people's comment, please only talk bad if you know that person and you're sure you're making more out of life than him! don't be broke and come here trying to educate movers and shakers. if you're intelligent enough, you should be running a business better than notjustok than sitting here! so if you think you're the man, lets put out our businesses and leave it for the people on here to judge + banking statements and balance to compare!

    • Olawale E. says:

      Na wa ooo

    • Telz says:

      All this stupid comments about bank statements. How about comparing your pointless statements and life with the star you're criticising and think you're in a position to judge??? The world and I know DBanj, I don't flipping know you and don't care in the least.Fucking hypocrites…..KMFT

    • kayprince says:

      i can only wish and hope your pocket is as big as your mouth, otherwise back the fuck back boy! i got motivated by d'banj's famous line "i make 10M in a week, are you with me?". so be quiet and go do something not just listen to beats! i work hard for my money! i make in naira, change it to dollars then spend it in euros! the more you hate, the more my pocket is bouncing! sad thing, if you broke cause you been hating! una smart, una intelligent, put in operational tactics and make a living not analyzing comments!

    • kayjagga says:

      …its not banking statement it is bank statement…ode!!!

  23. djrebel says:

    Eja Nla.. Walai eleyi yato.. Confam Hit, this song would hit round the world like waving flag by K'naan… Dbanj you too get mouth.. All your haters just dey run down..

  24. EFE says:


  25. Banky says:

    Gosh!! i used to appreciate DBanj's works before..Now i'm disappointed..This is not good music. This is crap..This kind of dumb song wont sell 1 record in lagos

  26. Roc Da Mic Africa says:

    Congratulations on your new deals dbanj, but you need to spend more time in the studio, Roc Da Mic got your back from day 1, bring out a hot product for the streets asap. 1

  27. Muzik Kritik says:

    Mellow and laid back music. Clearly outside D'Banj's comfort zone. He's definitely not a singer. There's a limit to which hype can take one. He'd do better in business/music/Artist management. 4/10

  28. ROMAN says:

    I love the song, but I keep getting this feeling that D'Banj did better when he was with Don Jazzy.

  29. killer says:

    notjustok is biased….i'm gonna kill it i swear….u wait and see!MARK MY WORDS………d budget over ur life is high….i mean it. u wont escape!

  30. Tosin says:

    Dbanj Boss….nicest jam!

  31. Jelly says:

    Am feeling dis mehn!!!

  32. the dude says:

    D'banj cant really sing. but this is an awesome song. i love it.

  33. the dude says:

    plus i dont think he wrote this.

  34. switts says:

    u guys deal with it. dbanj is without don jazzy, i love them both. Allow them do their individual thing abeg. stop comparing them!!! are they twinsssssss?? Allow them abeg. the song is dope by the way. so if the person doesnt shout komole, gebn so ke.. to u ppple its not yet music .kmt

  35. Okoro Ifeanyi says:

    Shout out to all D'banj haters.
    On top of the world Noni.

  36. Okoro Ifeanyi says:

    Shout out to all D'banj haters.
    On top of the world Noni.

  37. Okoro Ifeanyi says:

    Shout out to all D'banj haters.
    On top of the world Noni.

  38. Easypeasy says:

    if u r still hatin u r on a longtin…haters elo dake! eja nla pas una

  39. bastard says:

    this song dry to the core quack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! music

  40. Nice song. Need to release d video b/4 d African Nations Cup being d theme song of DSTV 4 d fiesta.

  41. Nice song. Need to release d video b/4 d African Nations Cup being d theme song of DSTV 4 d fiesta.

  42. E'montereel Usman says:

    Dbanj is the best… 2012 has been massive…

  43. E'montereel Usman says:

    Dbanj is the best… 2012 has been massive…

  44. E'montereel Usman says:

    Dbanj is the best… 2012 has been massive…

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